You are

You are

the love and the beauty

and the laughter and the joy

in everything and everyone around me

You are in the love and the smile and the affection

my mother and my father shower me with since I came into this world

You are in the words of wisdom an old priest told me once to reassure me

You are in the encouragement and the admiration a teacher gave to my writing

You are in each and every friendship I formed

You are in the bodies I lusted for, the faces I admired

You are in the blood that runs in my veins

You are in the muscles that make my body work

You are in the air I breathe

You are in the gaoler who gave me warm bread in a cold night

You are in the old woman who looks at me with sympathy

You are in the food I eat, in the sweetness of almonds

in the bitterness of coffee

You are in the plants I grow, in the flowers that embalm the air

You are the world I live into, the persons that surround me

You are the reason I exist

You have created me, and I have created you

Without you I would be nothing, no one

without you I wouldn’t know love

without you I would be invisible

You also are behind all the harshness I have received

the children who made fun of me at school

the officers who questioned me with distrust

the people who look at me with scorn on the street

Because negative interactions are still a form of recognition

a recognition of existence

and even indifference is a form of interaction too

as I do not need others, only you, to exist

and you are within my lungs, you are on my face

you are the motion within my body

you are the warmth that flows in me

and so even when I think I am alone and abandoned

you are holding my reality together

you are caressing and nourishing my cells

you are giving me life, creating the world around me

creating me, and ruffling my hair in the wind

And so even within silence and loneliness

you are here, within me, surrounding me

you are the most familiar thing in the world

I have always known you, always been in you

And so indeed, you have shown me the world

introduced me to each thing

and brought interactions other souls and me

And you also are behind the pain I feel, behind the hardships I find along my way

as, by showing me the contrary of love, you teach me to recognize love

to become love

Your deepest desire is that I learn to see and recognize you

that I learn to love you in a conscious way

until I discover all your beauty

and I realize you are my goddess and I am your god

and that I was born from your dream