The green dress

You are wearing a light green dress

and I wear a dark blue suit

We both are more elegant than we usually are

and we feel clean, airy, and well in our skin

The garden is decorated

with many colourful candles and lights

there are also pumpkins

and holly branches

and all sorts of other things that tell the story of a feast

The feast is ours, the garden too

but all we care about is one another’s eyes

and after welcoming all our guests

we start dancing in the twinkling lights of the garden

and that of the moon

we fill our lungs with the breeze of the sea

and the love we feel for one another

And as our bodies start moving graciously

we forget everything else

and all I care for is your beautiful face

and the body clad in a green dress

I make you twirl

and I twirl too

our faces are beaming with joy

I am hungry for you

and I hold you closer

my hands on your hips

on the small of your back

as I kiss and kiss you

our bodies hug

I feel your breasts on my chest

I draw the contour of your ass with my hands

and so close we are we feel the soft linen of our clothes

melting in our embrace

growing thinner and thinner with every kiss

and our bodies closer and closer

we kiss and dance and kiss

coming closer and closer

until when we find into one another’s arms entirely naked

and I can make love to you

your face so bright and beautiful and burningly close to mine

and fill you with happiness and bliss and dreams

under a marvellous night of colourful constellations