Finding me in the right place

I am in everything around you

in the love and the smiles you receive

in the things that attract and fascinate you

also in the disappointments you live

as I must show you the way of love

When you look for me

you will find my presence in every thing and in every person

and yet, you must not be fooled

by believing that by capturing my presence, my trace there

you will find me

We both have done this mistake in the past

of finding an inkling of one another in something alien

and pursuing that inkling instead of pursuing true love

When you look to find me and never lose me again

you need to give to each keynote of life

the right way, the perfect, balanced touch

for your melody to grow more and more harmonious

as both our melodies become so synchronized

you can’t tell them apart

and then, both our bodies come together too

There are no bad keynotes, nothing to hate or fear

simply a growing understanding to find

of how to use each of the keynote

how to interact with each person, with each thing

to grow closer and closer to the perfect state

of balance and love

It is a difficult balance to find

as you need to experience imbalance

to understand what balance is

you need to explore both extremes of the spectrum

and combine different tones in many different ways

before to understand the deeper principle that is guiding you in everything

before to understand that in each thing we must look for the truth of our presence

and not drown into its illusion as we used to in the past

This requires time, and wisdom, and strength of mind, and imagination

as sometimes we can only see half the truth

and we must complete and transform and right it

through our poetry and our drawings

But now my dear we have grown experts in this dance

and day after day after day we are growing more in balance

as our melodies come closer and closer from fitting perfectly

our hearts grow into one another, as do our faces

and soon we will find one another again

as our bodies gradually superimpose

and fate brings us in physical togetherness