Two flames in a forest

Two flames in a forest

Two flames have met at last in the forest

where they had promised

to find each another one day

The trees are leafless for it is winter still

but the sun is shining in the sky

and the ice is thawing

and soon the first leaves will burgeon

and birds will resume their song

and the first flowers shall bloom

You are already sitting, gazing at the sky

while waiting for me

and I quietly arrive

my heart in pain and my feet sore

I can’t yet rejoice, as you’re turning your back to me

and you haven’t seen me yet

and my voice is too weary to sing any longer

so scarred my body is

I sometimes start before my own shadow

I have crossed the mounts of storms

the lands of fire

maelstroms gone entirely crazy

I have received many blows

but I’ve also discovered a great strength in me

and despite all my wounds

I’m walking faster than I ever did before

but oh surprise, you have already arrived

but you were too much in a hurry my dear

and you have forgotten a feather along the path

fortunately I’ve recognized it among thousands

and I’m bringing it back to you

Once I manage to cross the last marshlands

I’m going to surprise you with a hug and a kiss

but for now I still need to step into the bog

and I’ll probably stink as much as you probably do

when I’ll be from the other side

but who cares, as we’ll be purified by each other’s arms

our skin sewn, our wounds healed

I long for this embrace very much my dear

I long to kiss you and take you into my dream

I long to hear your voice again and your song

I long to breathe your skin and touch and kiss it

and I long to look into your eyes and step into your dream

I long to see you again and make sure you are real

that you exist not only in spirit but also in bone and flesh and music

As I write my way across the bog

pain surges in my heart

and I learn to transform this pain into colours and life

Please put an end to this pain

Turn around and support me with your gaze

along the path that remains to walk

Your eyes will lend me wings

and I will do miracles then

and be in no time in your arms

Look at me, look at me again

for we are each other’s suns

and you need no longer to content yourself

with the feeble star in the sky

when you have your twin flame

three steps behind your back