Healing the pain

To heal the pain

we must find the ultimate balance

not to hurt, not ourselves, nor others

We must discover the right way of doing

and saying things

the words that bring tears of healing

but not the oppression of pain

That is what we are now looking for my dear

It is tempting to take shortcuts sometimes

to act out of fear, of impatience

without thinking, feeling, the consequences of our acts

and then hurt is wrought, and a cycle of pain starts

It is a subtle balance to know

how much to speak and which words to say

to each person, while being ourselves

being faithful to our true love

while being faithful to our belonging to God

Today I have discovered another false idea of mine

another mental shortcut I sometimes took in the past

and still kept somewhere in me

one that pushes me to take action, even if hurtful

out of impatience and panic and oppression

But my dear words are here to help me express

what I can’t find in deeds

words are here to avoid sowing pain around anymore

words are here to help me discover the truth

and know that what is right in my conscious heart

is the way of love, the way to follow

and the only way to find true love and harmony

the only way to heal the pain in our chest

is to always avoid the path of hurt