Will you marry me?

Our wedding

Will you take my hand

and let me kiss you

and dance with me

oh faerie princess of all my dreams

Will you be my wife

and I your husband

Will you be my princess

and I your prince

Will you let me fill your heart

with poetry and prose

with paintings and drawings and songs

with kisses and caresses and care

and will you do the same with me

Will you be mine entirely

and I yours entirely

Will you share every moment of my life

and I of yours

Will you close your eyes and trust me entirely

with your life even

and step in the realm of our Dream in my company

and gently guide me even when my eyes do not see

Will you entrust me your heart

with the promise never to hurt you again

and will you keep equal good care of my heart

Will you give your unconditional love to all those who love me

and will you let me give all my love to all those who are close to you

Will you pardon all those who have wronged you

and will you pardon me

as wholeheartedly as I pardon you now

I pardon you my dear, I pardon you for everything

I embrace you like a father who has lost his daughter and retrieved her after a long time

like a twin brother who has been separated from his twin sister by war

and is now free to hug her again

as a son who has been deprived of his mother for ages, believing he was an orphan

and is found again and embraced by his mother on her heart

as a boy who had dreamed for ages of the girl he loved, even before meeting her

and who has finally found the girl of all his dreams