Word hurt

I thought I could not hurt you with my words

but oh, how very wrong I was

There were times when each of my word

was painful to read

There in my prose

you felt our distance

our separation

You felt how I focused my attention

on other things, other people, instead of you

There in my words you felt

the wall around my heart

preventing me from letting flow all my love

And so it could be heart-wrenching

to read my letters and my poems

bringing you all sorts of emotions

sadness, melancholy, despair

And anger

to protect yourself from the depth of this pain

Only now do I realize my dear

how painful the ice surrounding my words is

and how you only deserve to read

my writings that are filled with water and life

those where you feel your presence

is truly seen and recognized by me

those where I embrace you unconditionally

and fill you with warmth and love