Turn the drawing

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I have drawn on both sides of the same paper

I started drawing the two sad faces I always draw

I tried to make them grin, but they did not want to

I asked them why, and they both responded they were so, so aloof

and sad, and melancholic, and thus it would be a lie to smile

I thought of throwing away the paper

but the two faces stopped me

Don’t do that, please, trust your hand, they begged me

But how, if I can’t transform you and make you smile

Draw us again, differently

And I obeyed, and drew the two faces again from the other side of the paper

and there I understood

their lips immediately smiled

without even trying to force them

and their eyes locked

and their bodies leaned toward one another

How do you want us to smile if we are parted from one another

they both exclaimed, now unable to refrain their beam

Our natural state is to be together

and in one another’s absence we have trouble breathing

so thin the air around grows, so weak our heart becomes

And then I understood my dear

I understood why we could not smile and laugh

Of course, I knew the responses already

But somehow I felt it within my hand, my body

within my heart and my mind, I lived it

I understood the transformation we could undergo

If you returned your double-faced drawing too

will you hide the crying girl against the wall

and show her years later

embracing the boy she loves

Will you dare to be happy again

and listen to the voices of the characters dwelling in your heart