Right to exist

I now understand my dear

you have been holding my hand all along

and showing me, making me feel

your, my, worst fears

When I look for you

I should not call your name in the distance

but simply caress you into my heart

and kiss your face close to mine

Today I have finally understood

what you tried to show me all along

this fear, deepest of all

that gnaws you from the inside since we’ve met

In me it manifests

as the deep fear of you pushing me away

of you denying all my worth

my right to be free, my right to live

my right to exist

What is the most inalienable right of all souls

whether they are still in the stage of atoms, molecules or rocks

or if they have already grown into plants, animals and human beings

What sets them all equal is the right to exist

No one can ever tell the soul of an atom, or a rock, or a plant

You do not have the right to exist

True, these things can be bended, transformed

but that does not mean denying the right of the soul to exist

as the soul is infinite and cannot be destroyed

With us, human beings, this fear becomes more conscious

as we become more and more aware of love, and of our own individuality

we start relating the right to exist to the right to love and be loved

and the right to be free

when we are deprived of that, when the person we love the most in the entire world

pushes us away, it triggers the deepest pain in us

because our deepest nature is love, and if we cannot love, we cannot exist

You, my dear, have somehow the same fear

since the start you have this unconscious fear

of drowning into me, of disappearing within me

of being deprived of your right to exist

because I read you so well, I know you so deeply

you are so transparent with me

that you feel nothing is left of you

But my dear, this is not true

Your deepest nature is not transparent

In your heart shines a sun, a star

an eternal flame that nothing can destroy or alter

you are this flame, not the cloud around

and I am my own flame

and since the start we were looking for one another

as your flame and mine, me and you, belong to the same soul

the same house, the same body, the same realm

we have the same colour imprint in our heart

the deepest understanding and the deepest love

and the deepest complementarity between one another

and so my dear, falling in love with me will never deprive you

of your right of existing

At the contrary, this love will burn away the cloud around your flame

and then, you will be entirely free to be yourself

to become love together with me

and shine like a newborn sun lighting a new world