In the arms of someone else

She sees her beloved kissing someone else

The pain is unbearable

Isn’t she good enough for him?

She has so much love to give him

She longs to cover him in kisses

And yet she can’t articulate any of the words

that are stuck in her throat

She can’t tell him how much he is hurting her

by ignoring the true home of his heart

and preferring the arms of a foreign woman


The prince was blind to the suffering of his princess

he acted recklessly and foolishly

without realizing he was hurting her and hurting himself so deeply

he was deaf to the cry of his soul

and he now realizes he never was worth of the princess’ love in the past

and the only path to redeem himself

was to embrace all the pain of his princess

and bear it in his heart until it polished everything sharp there

to be able to hug and kiss his princess

without piercing another hole in her chest