You thought you had lost me

You thought you had lost me forever

And I felt your pain

A heart-wrenching pain

Eating, gnawing at you

Blanking your mind

Making you fall

Into the deepest misery

Greying everything around

Making life become meanless

Taking away the beauty from everything

The pain never to see my face

and my smile again

The pain never to look into my eyes

never to embrace me

The pain never to be loved and cherished

and never to love and cherish

The pain of imagining me cold and distant

and your heart left alone in misery

The pain that you had been wrong

that your hopes had fooled you

The pain to have been the reason and the cause

of my disappearance

and the end of our perfect, beautiful love

before it even started

The pain to have lost

your twin, your faerie prince

who had sworn at the beginning of times

to always protect and cherish you

The pain of a broken oath, a lost Dream

and the end of everything

the end of Life