The woman warrior

My dear

you must be proud of all what you did

Clad in the iron of your bravery

you have breached my walls

and pierced my defences

one blow after another

You have saved me

from this prison

where I had been for as long as I can remember

You have taught me the true meaning of love

blowing away my prejudices

destroying my fears

until I could abandon all my armour

and present myself in all my nakedness to you

Then, only then, have you dropped your sword

and let it vanish in a puff of smoke

Then only then have you stripped yourself

from your chainmail

and came to embrace me

and feast together our victory

In this war, you’ve had the precision of the deftest surgeon in your fingers

you’ve struck the chains that held me back

in exactly the right places

and for the love of me

you’ve braved the worst pain you’ve ever endured

You’ve cut the dead tissues of our wound

knowing it would be heart-wrenching

and yet wise enough to know it all was necessary

You ought not blame yourself my dear

for any of the pain your blows may have caused

You’ve set me free, and I owe you my life, my freedom

and from this day on

I swear my loyalty and my allegiance

to the woman warrior who has saved me

And here I am, kneeling before you my liege

and making you gift of my life and my heart

Whatever you do

you will always be the most beautiful to me

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