I will bear your suffering

Confiture de coing

Even when you decide

to leave our realm

to go visit distant worlds

Even when you choose

to stay with other souls

and not to practice your gift

so dear to your heart

Even when you abandon me

I will cherish the you in me

I will cover you in caresses

I will write for you the most beautiful stories

And I will keep the ears of my heart

open to all what you do

to the distant words you send me

to be able to bear part of your burden

and never, never let you on your own

abandoned to your sufferings

No, that will never happen again my dear

and whatever you choose to do

my heart will be yours

yours to throw all your dead weighs and your worries

yours to share your pain with

yours to visit for a moment and leave when you will

the door and the windows of my heart

will always be open to both your song and your deeds

and I won’t recoil from your words of love

nor from the pointed pikes that pierce through you in me