A new shine

A new shine

My dear

we have gone to the deepest suffering that exists

we have fallen into despair

we have experienced the fiercest anger

we have shed many a tear

and we have laughed like never before

We have tried all the colours of the rainbow

and now we are finally ready for creation

using all what we have learnt

all what we have felt

to create beauty

to create meaning and life

to awaken parts of the world

that are still dormant



This depth of suffering, this depth of feeling

has made us understand something clearly

to ever be happy, to fulfil our Dream

we must be in togetherness

our hearts and our lips

always connected


our bodies dancing the dance of creation

as our faces embrace

In that state out of time and space

our potential becomes infinite

our emotions become true

our love lends us wings

what we write, what we draw


Listen to Breathe by Two Steps From Hell