Have I become worthy of you

Have I become worthy of you little faerie

is the shine of my heart

to the liking of your own heart

I have purified my precious metals

in blazing fires

and there I have endured the worst torments

with one thought solely keeping me in life

that I was doing it all for you

In my sufferings I have grown roots

to the deeper layers of my soul

and I have found a new depth to my words

a new power to them

as they are now not only capable to move rocks

but also to weave ideas and build towns

Within my words I have found freedom and solace

I have found you, my dreamed you

in all your beauty and your purity

Within my words I have discovered

the tales of old bore more truth than we imagined

And as I grow closer and closer from you

I start to see your eyes looking into mine

I feel a great proximity with your face

and I almost can feel your embrace

Listen to Rada by Thomas Bergersen