The light within darkness

The light within darkness

When your eyes have been used to darkness for long

and your ears have learnt to listen to your heart

you will find surprising things

where the darkness seemed the deepest

as you step there and focus very much

on the melody of your heart

when you arrive there and you call the name of your beloved

that you embrace her in the distance

and cherish her as much as you long to

suddenly, the darkness clears

and reveals the most beautiful and precious colours

you have ever seen

It is like stepping in a world of magic

like retrieving the place where your lost dreams have gone

all the hopes of your childhood had ended up there

in the darkest place of your heart

sheltered, protected by this impenetrable veil

waiting for you to retrieve them one day

once your heart is ready to embrace them again

like a lost orphan that retrieves her parents

and shedding tears of despair and tears of joy together

as nothing shall part them anymore ever

Listen to Once in a lifetime by Future World Music