The land in between

The land in between

The border between you and me

is increasingly blurred

as towns and mountains appear

in a land in between

that is neither yours

nor mine

but belongs to us both

Do you wish for the grandness of mountains

do you long for the riches and the mystery of towns

then come meet me on this middle ground

that is widening between us

appearing from the haze that had obscured it all along

come meet me

and this faerie country will become yours and mine

and you shall be its princess, and I its prince

It is a place where love holds everything together

and magic exists

It is a place with no pain and no sufferings

only bliss and joy and compassion

It is a place where what we dream

and what we imagine takes shape

and substance and colours

a place for writers and painters

for poets and novelists

a place that takes birth under the stroke

of our pens and paintbrushes

within the poetry of our words

within the beauty of our emotions

within the purity of our heart

‘t is not a place of science and rational

‘t is not a place of compromises and boredom

nay, all that we leave behind us

in the old world we let go from

and the place we step into

we write its own story in our novels

and we give it life and vibrancy

with the breath of our love

as we kiss and bring our two worlds together