Tahira – Part 2

Tahira was very lonely at school. She spent all the recreations on her own, while other teenagers chatted and laughed merrily. She was the only one not to have friends. She could not integrate with other people, because she was too different. In the past she had had a few friends, but even them had looked at her strangely. They were always surprised by her strange behaviours, by the fact she seemed completely alien to their culture and custom. Tahira had grown up alone, plunged in the old dusty books of the library of her parents, seeing no other child, forming her own theories about life, daydreaming, and when she confronted all that with the reality of other children, it made of her an outcast. Others could not understand her or value her for who she truly was. They thought she was just a shy uninteresting girl who was quite studious and spent more of her time studying or reading. But they could not see the beauty and the truth and the poetry behind. And Tahira dreamt of the day she would meet someone who would see all that, someone who would know exactly who she is, someone who would look into her eyes and understand her completely, even better than she understood herself. Someone who would accept her and cherish her and embrace her like no boy at school could.

When she was thirteen year old, she had made a dream. She had made a dream of this special boy she had never met. He came to her in the dream and looked into her eyes, and that was even sweeter than an embrace, and then he came even closer and hugged and kissed her, and their bodies fused in one another and she felt at that moment the deepest joy she had ever felt in her life. She had felt entirely understood, accepted, seen, by this mysterious boy. When she woke up, her heart was still beating fast, and she knew, she knew, she must find him one day.

But years had passed, and she still had not met him. In every boy at school she tried to look for hints of him. But they were all far from having the right poetry, the right sensitivity, to understand her. They seemed to speak another language than her soul did. Her parents often asked her if there wasn’t someone whom she liked, but she just rolled her eyes thinking sadly of her sweet prince she daydreamed of but had never met. And sometimes she fell into despair starting to believe it all was an illusion and she would never find him, and remain alone with her gloomy thoughts all her life. Even though she did not realize it, she was quite a gloomy person, always plunged in her thoughts, always questioning everything, never taking anything lightly and jokingly as other teenagers seemed to do. She was too clever, too sensitive, for her own good. But Tahira liked herself as she was, and she wouldn’t have changed for anything in the world, as she could see very clearly other’s shortcomings, and how the world was not going very well because people did not think, and feel, enough.