Emotional blockage

The water levels are rising

day after day after day

the dams that contain this ocean

won’t be able to hold for much longer

already the weakest ones have cracked

and lands that had been dried

have been submerged

Now it is the last defence that is still standing

but what can it do against an ever rising ocean

and each time you hurt and pain me

you unleash new storms

bringing even more water to this ocean

and each time you write

each time you read me

the breeze becomes stronger and stronger

and what used to be quiet as a lake

has now become as ferocious as the Norse Sea

and already some waves are passing above the dams

throwing water from the other side

and soon it will be impossible to hide the truth

from the villages and the towns rising from the other side of the dam

as all the lands around them are submerged by an ocean

they did not even suspected existed