Beyond my nature

You asked me to go beyond my nature

to find the answers I sought

and this is what I am trying to do my dear

and I believe that we must arrive to a moment

when both our natures are reconciled

as they are the two faces of the same principle

the same gaze, the same heart, the same love

I now understand we are writing fiction

to build up reality

I now understand each and every piece

is about ourselves

and in the past if our stories were always left incomplete

it was because we were still not ready to embrace

we still had mental and emotional blockages

and in our stories we only brushed at the most important

focusing on other details of less significance

Writing is a research for us

poem after poem, story after story

we are looking for one another

we were already on this quest before meeting

as you longed for the angel of death

and I longed for my true love

each poem we wrote was, is, a small piece of the puzzle

this puzzle we are coming closer and closer

to give a new coherence too

as a deeper meaning, a more complex perspective

becomes striking to the eyes

And as I integrate your nature in mine

you too embrace me in you

you too grow into your love and your tenderness

letting go of your resistance

and this is my dear

what I am trying to help you reach

as a heart without love is a miserable one

and truth alone is too dry to nurture a soul