Come find me

I am


and everywhere

as our timelines


the gap between us

has almost disappeared

as the river of love

flows again

in full strength in our heart

I am close to the place where

you once told me

to stop counting time

I am close to timelessness

close to stop approximating

love with numbers

and concepts

but embrace it wholeheartedly

I am naked in my vulnerability

and in my feelings for you

more than I have ever been

The past is over

it is pardoned

the present is ours

come, come to me


I am waiting for you

You know where to find me

close to the place where

you had embraced me with a promise

within the protective bubble of glass

sheltering me from the wind

while waiting for you

I am ready




but also physically

I am here

reach out your hand

and touch me again

look with your eyes

and see me

in front of you