The secret cloister

The rose in my room

Yesterday night I realized

how I made you suffer

how I had planted needles

all over your body

unknowing of the pain

I was causing you

I understood it was in my power

to stop this excruciating pain

from eating at your limbs from within

and draining you

of all your vital flow

How could I be so oblivious

to the damage my acts wrecked

how could I be so insensitive

thinking you didn’t care

about me, about what I did

I was in pain too

and pain makes you blind

and selfish and stupid

but that is not an excuse

and now I will strive to create

a heaven of peace and warmth

and tenderness and love

for you

I will welcome you in parts of myself

I had been too afraid to let you in before

I will show you my secret gardens

and the gurgling fountains that flow there

and you will be able to sit and rest


as time cannot enter this secret cloister

and I will always remain at your side, with you

and I will hold your hand

and look into your eyes and smile

at your marvelling before so much beauty

and such happiness you could not dream of

there our skins shall repair and grow again

our wounds shall heal and disappear

and our life shall start anew

together this time

together in a world of love

as weavers of words and dreams

this is a promise I make to you

a promise that as you enter into your secret garden

I shall meet you there