Communication between the land and the sky

Communication between the land and the sky

In ancient times

the land flowed into the sky

and the sky into the land

and the horizon line

was not the border we nowadays know

Each building that was built

each rock that was hewn and set

each city that was designed

were thought, felt

as bridges of union between

the land and the heaven

Entering into mansions and temples

was like setting foot in another world

glazed constellations and vibrant stones

shone and brought

understanding and togetherness

between elements

admiring one another

and communicating in their heart, their essence

For centuries this communication was halted

cities and civilizations grew into a different direction

ceasing to be bridges of union

For centuries the lore of old was lost and forgotten

and now, only now, does it start to be revived

in your heart, in your memory

slowly this reality gains ground in you

and transforms each of your limbs

bringing a new awareness to your cells

you are shining from within

these changes are still not visible to the external world

but your body is growing into one of those ancient temples

and is becoming a bridge of union

between your spirit and your soul

between the world and its heaven

and soon this awakening will radiate around you

and recall others to their true nature