Perfect mirrors

Perfect mirrors of one another

we are

we grow toward the sky

in the lightest balance that can exist

the slightest breeze of wind

quake of earth

can throw us down

but our faith in life is stronger and deeper

than the fear of losing everything we have

our limbs interweave and mix

until we ignore each piece is yours

and which is mine

but does it truly matter

aren’t our hearts beating the same tune

and our spirits singing the same song

the tenderness I feel for your hands

and your chest and your hair

and the recognition I see on your face

is as strong as if they were mine

together we throw our shade that is one

in its illusory shape there aren’t several pieces

but a single construction resting on two pillars

and that’s how we truly are

as the separations between us are artificial

and the shade we throw, the light we produce

is realer than the assembly of bones and flesh we dwell in

only when we shall join hands

shall the breathe of life freely flow in us

and unite what has been divided

restore the harmony that has been lost

and melt gaps to reveal

the temple that underneath hides

the city that we have patiently built

with our own hands, our own mind

and from there we shall govern our kingdom

write the stories of its nations and its forests

its mountains and its oceans

giving existence and life to a new world to come