Painted sea


There are as many hues on the sea surface

as there are shades of emotions

in the ocean of your heart

A transparent fluid that is source of life

water it is now called in our world

mirrors heavens and abysses

rocks and clouds and weeds and sand plains

in unique combinations of colours

We sometimes forget water is transparent

we forget that we can give it the colour we choose

we forget that our body and our limbs

are made of water like the sea and the atmosphere are

everything around touches or has been touched

by this sacred fluid of life

that brings colours to barren lands

What is the secret behind what cannot be seen

cannot be grasped, and yet is here

everywhere, and in everything

what brings life and motion to the ocean of our heart

what holds all our planes of reality together

Can you now see my dear what I am showing you with metaphors

can you quench your thirst with my words

can you grasp and touch what cannot be contained by our hands

can you feel the ocean of your heart becoming suddenly much brighter

crimson and yellow and orange and green of the liveliest hues

reminding you of the way you saw the world

when you still were a child

can you feel this fire that has been ignited in your chest

bathed all around by water, breathing it in and out

can you see the dancing reflections on your lakes and your marshes

and can you see the light within the obscurity

and how your face has now become visible

your dark eyes and your light auburn hair

everything is still dark around and this makes

the features of your face even more striking

you are an apparition in the ghastly night

that sings of a new dawn to come

of marvels that are being brewed in the secret of catacombs

and shall soon be revealed to the worlds

glittering forests of trees and city dug mountains

taking their source in the ocean of your heart

that has become lively again

and which waves whisper of golden times to come