Half-lit sphere

Half-lit sphere

I am like a half-lit sphere

a yellow marble

and you are a tiny red-orange star

in the immensity of the universe

we gaze at one another

from afar

your rays touch me

and my light reverberates at you

while we wait for the forces of life

to liberate us from gravity

and let us flow freely

toward our destiny

The two marbles collide

and merge

for eons of time it was their deepest desire

blending and fusing again their cores

as the rainbow star they once were

from two opposite corners of the universe

the two marbles set off

and travel at the speed of feelings and thoughts

until they meet again

with thousands and thousands of stories

collected in their inner glaze

to tell one another

a burning desire to kiss again

and hold each other in their arms

This is still a dream, a vision

but as the two marbles grow

what the heart imagines

becomes so vivid

it is more real than the reality around

cosmic forces push our organs and our limbs

toward one another

even though we are still at a great distance

we can feel the touch of our counterpart on our chest

my hand on your heart, and your hand on mine

we are still away from one another

and yet our separation is vanishing

distance retains but a vague meaning

that will soon altogether disappear

and when distance is gone

when time stops

nothing can anymore prevent this divine marriage from occurring

as the two marbles come together

and visit one another’s constellations

and get introduced with each and every star that shines in the sky

discovering that the great distance that separated these galaxies

was an illusion of their minds, a fear

and that since ever all these stars have been

trees in the same forest

houses in the same village, in the same nation

and any strife between them becomes void of any meaning, of any existence

as the two marbles bring their worlds together