Dizzying motion

Dizzying motion

Sometimes things are at a stop for long

for so long that we forget what motion is

and when all of a sudden the wind starts blowing again

when the still river where we were sitting or standing

flows in a swirling rush toward the ocean

we have no other choice than letting this current carry us

and dance in this breeze whenever we find our balance

and protect our head from the fall of rocks when we lose all control

and become a tiny twig buffeted in a storm much larger

where is this storm bringing us all

will we soon retrieve dry hard floor under our feet

that, no one can tell for sure

as it is the whims of clashing winds that will decide of our fates

but, do you trust life my dear, do you trust your heart

if you do then you should just close your fearful eyes

and rest within the hand of life as if it were the safest place where to be

and while you journey don’t forget to open the eyes of your inner child

and look at the wonder of the worlds and the skies

and marvel over how the universe is way vaster

and way more beautiful you could ever imagine