Awakening the wisdom of old

Awakening the wisdom of old

Old wisdom lies dormant in the world

it is inscribed in stones

in the bark of trees

in pebbles on beaches

at the bottom of oceans

and on mountain tops

It is everywhere around us

in the air we breathe

in everything we touch

and yet we cannot see it

we cannot use it

and this wisdom eludes us still

What is needed to bring back

motion and music

to a world that lacks colours

how can a new coherence be found

underneath all the swirling patterns

in the air, in words, in thoughts

how can the harmony of the world

be restored

The answer lies in the deepest depth of our heart

and this ancient wisdom can be reawakened

only when the meaning of love is fully understood

only when the gap between our body and our soul

is bridged

only when each thing around becomes

a metaphor of the world within

an expression of our thoughts and feelings