Two voices replying to one another

As my fingers learn to produce sounds

and my voice retrieves its melody

a shy conversation ensues between us

and a part of the musical instrument

starts replying to its counterpart

‘t is at first a drizzle of notes

with long silences in between

but as the hands of the musician become more skilled

the rain hardens and intensifies

and soon the two different voices

start blending with one another

and the melody gains in substance and depth

as we each explore the limits of our range

and discover there are none in truth

and that we both can play all the notes

even those we for long thought out of reach

the sweetest and the swiftest sounds fill the room

it is tender and brutal, fierce and caressing

as plants start sprouting all around in the room

and they outgrow the walls

and the moon shines through the ceiling

and with our imagination and our love

we transform our reality

in that of our dream