For years, ages, centuries

my melody has been silenced

my throat unable to produce any sound

as all the harmony of the world

had been broken for me

I was mourning you still

mourning the loss of our love

mourning the happiness that could have been

mourning the betrayal of friends and foes alike

Once far away in the past

my dancing fingers and my lips could produce

the most beautiful music I had ever heard

a music that had wrought my loss and yours

And afterwards I never touched flute or string again

never allowed the melody of my heart to be sung out loud

and you were not even here to inspire me with your presence

and I felt no desire at all to sing again

But now I have met you again

and you have brought me the light and the love and the remembrance of the past

and for a long time now my fingers have been itching to taste freedom again

weaving words and painting canvases are beautiful

but there is, was, still something incomplete

something that my fingers and my voice itched to do

something that I am now embracing again

as I am embracing you

Come listen to my melody oh beloved

and mix your notes and your voice with mine

and let’s sing the most beautiful song we have ever heard

a song of emotions and textures and fragrances and colours

that brings hearts to freedom