The port of your heart

The port of your heart

There is an ancient place in your heart

that is filled with the water

of the ocean of emotions

but somehow sheltered from the fury

of the frequent storms that sweep the sea

and bring everything that float on its surface

down into its sedimented depth

There the ships of your heart

these messengers of the seas rest

waiting for you to call them

and send them on various quests

When you surround your heart

with high walls and narrow doors

and when you dam the sea

and throw rock and earth into it

until you push it farther and farther from your core

and your town centre

then you lose access to the port of your heart altogether

and you become unable to communicate with others

you become unable to keep an existence

over the ocean of emotions

and you start closing yourself

in your city that no one visits anymore

the dust falls from the sky

and cover your houses and your streets and your fountains

and it muffles the sound of laughter

and the pattering of falling rain becomes a distant memory

and the sun a distant halo in the sky

that does not lit nor warm your body and your town

Keeping an access to your port is vital

and it is better to sometimes have parts of your town

crumbling under the assault of mad waves

rather than cutting yourself entirely from the power

that the ocean of emotions injects in your limbs

as the rivers of your veins

take their load of salt and minerals and water

and dump all the waste of the past into the sea

purifying your body and keeping it alive

When the port of your heart is covered

in sand dunes for lack of use

then you freeze yourself in a moment of the past

and as the world goes forward

you are still stuck within the walls

of your imaginary fears

And the swaying motion of the sea

and the spray it caressed your face with

and the roar and the gentleness of waves

and the reflections of clouds and boats

as the sun rises and sets

are all lost to you



This poem was initially inspired by a photography of Paola Vincenti. You can see more of her artwork on her website by clicking here.