Rising in the sky

Rising in the sky

From behind the mountain

we have finally awakened

and as early morning shines

we raise our magical mirror

that becomes a flame

We have been to hell

and now we have returned

and in the meanwhile

our bodies have found a new glow

as we confronted and slew

the darkest creatures one can fear and imagine

But how could you kill that which is eternal

I see your lips already objecting

The secret is we have not killed

snakes and spirits and dragons and devils

with a weapon, for the most sacred swords

forged in the violet fires of Ychrentiyë

would not overthrow their tyranny

Nay, we have not killed them

fighting them would have made us fall in captivity

When you visit hell, if you ever wish to come out

you need to open your eyes and your ears and your mouths

and you must learn not judge the evil deeds that are committing around you

according to your old morals

and the most important thing to understand

is that nothing is pure evilness

and all comes from the lack of light and hope and love

and if for one minute the sun shone there

the worst devils would transform into beautiful angels

When you visit that place of darkness you need to tune in your senses

not to what happens around you, but to your innermost truth and feeling

until you find the light within you

until your heart starts glowing

and then the darkest creatures will recoil from you

and you shall walk away from there untouched and unharmed

and in your pockets will fall a lot of golden and moonstone dust

that have been forged there in the deepest pits

but had never seen the light before seeing you

Remember that when you visit hell the next time

do not curl your nose in disgust because of the stench

nay, find some compassion for these wretched creatures

find the well of compassion within your heart

and let it become a sun or a star