Dance of lightness

Dance of lightness

‘t is a dance of lightness we are dancing

as we learn to whirl and twirl

‘round the root we were born from

Day after day we grow more into our bodies

and we learn new steps

that were unthinkable before

slowly we discover

how to make ourselves as light as the air

to swim around it and fly

as the sky colours up with new colours

unseen before and a breeze of change blows

in our faces and we feel our bodies responding to it

in a way unknown before

You take a step and I make a move

at the same time

and the tree of our soul has started

to burgeon and flower

as we learn to be rooted ‘n free at the same time

And soon we will be able to grow

fully into our infinite nature

and be everywhere as well as in our root

and then nothing shall separate us anymore

for both our flames will be awakened

and they will twinkle in each other’s arms

and I will feel your heart beating in my chest

and you will feel my heart beating in your chest

and then we shall gather the seeds of our soul tree

and start planting our dreams

everywhere we feel like

and the most colourful forest shall grow

and new towns and nations shall see the light

where there was naught before

come to me oh beloved

embrace the colours of my heart

as I embrace yours

is this hue of blue to your liking

I very much love this coat of green you wear

take my hand and lead the next dance

and this time our motions will be

so graceful and synchronized and fast

that the others around shall see one sole face instead of two


Dance of balance black and white