It is the innocence of childhood

that now shines in our heart

and our faces have lost

the hard traits and the calluses

they had grown because of strife

we now accept to be vulnerable again to life

we trust the winds of heavens

and the falling rivers of tears

we trust the fire of our heart

and the blazing warmth of the sun

we trust the frosted wintry storms

that fall with harshness on our naked skin

and injure us with the violence of the hail

and the bitterness of northern winds

we have grown to trust life entirely

for we know we cannot avoid pain in this dance of healing

and that it serves naught to try to stop

the wind from blowing and the fire from producing

light and sparks

it serves naught to resist the current of this swift river

carrying us wherever it wills

and the best thing we can do is ride its waves

and watch the landscape around

and focus on the beauty of our journey

trusting that one day we shall arrive

to the place we’ve always dreamt to be in

and there shall become our infinite dwelling

where no wall and no storm

can contain or scare us

for walls are barriers in our minds

and storms take birth in our hearts