Ill-lit city

macchie di luce

Our spirit sometimes looks

like an ill-lit city at night

there are places where the light is dazzling

and other places where it can barely reach

And we often are more comfortable

to remain surrounded by the light

and the warmth of lampposts

and avoid walking where the town is too dark

and where we do not know what hides

And thus we remain stuck in some parts of our spirit

never daring to find the treasures that are buried

in its darkest parts

But I tell you there are no reasons

you should be afraid to discover your entire city

and even if you might fall into some hole

invisible to the eyes, you shall be able to rise again

and retrieve the lit parts of your spirit

and as you progress with your explorations

the light shall spread more and more

to the entire city

and the disharmony that existed at first

will be replaced by garlands of lights

that shall lit the town as rainbows

until the sun itself will rise

and bring dawn over your lands