Painting your own reality

With your hand

you paint the world

as you wish to see it

you smooth rough angles

and you add flowers

where concrete smothers the earth

With your brush

you paint a new reality

different from the one you live in

it is a vision, a dream

that is contained

within a canvas

You structure the landscape

as your fantasy unravels

and you make colours

more vibrant than they truly are

But, dear, what is the fiction

and what is the truth

is it the world you live and breathe in

or is it the world you paint and your heart beats for

How to tell apart fiction from truth dear

and is the answer as obvious as it first seems

your mind will at first blurt out

the truth is where your body lies

and the fiction is the place that contains your shade

this place that has existence only in your dreams

and at the tip of your paint brush

But is that the ultimate truth, your heart will question

why do I beat faster when I breathe

the air and the colours and the shapes I imagine myself

why is the reality around so dull and dreary

are we condemned to live a life of boredom then

enlightened by a few dreams destined to remain illusions

Nay, nay my dear, this is what we all think

what we all fear

but it is not your ultimate truth

with each canvas you paint, each story you write

each song you sing and each idea you imagine

you are slowly weaving your own world

a place that is not yet ready to welcome your body

but that will one day be as your body becomes lighter

every day that passes you are paving the way

you are discarding some frosted ice and stones

that are weighing on you, using them to build

the mountains and the lands of your dreams

and the cities where you shall one day dwell

That day seems far off, but it ain’t

you have already been walking on this path for years

for lives, for ages, and you are closer than you ever were

of bringing your own reality into the world

and becoming whole within yourself

as your body and your shade shall no longer be dissociated

and the seas and the fields and the flowers you paint

shall become your true surroundings

and there you shall walk and dance in freedom

in the land of your imagination

and invite all the friends you wish to see

and step into the worlds others create whenever you feel like

as bridges will connect all realities

and then you will realize your dream was beautifully complemented

by the dreams of everyone else

and you will be awed when you shall see

the other part of your island you had never visited

and yet looks so, so familiar

and there you shall meet a presence, another you

someone you had thought long dead and you had mourned for ages

someone so, so familiar

and as you look into his eyes

you shall see the infinite paintings that hide there

you shall hear the melody of his dream

and recognize it as yours

and then you shall embrace again

into this new reality you have painted together without realizing

you shall embrace anew not in a world that is indifferent and compassionless

but in a world you have yourselves created

where plants sprout wherever you step

and flowers bloom whenever you kiss

and birds fly to sit on your shoulders

and sing of your bliss