Hopeful eyes

Many eyes are looking expectantly

at the moon of healing

that shines in the sky

Without knowing they know

something ancient that once existed into the world

is becoming possible again

One layer after another

you progress along

the path of healing

‘t is a tiresome journey this process

where most of the time you walk

in the mist of your own wounds

and do not see where you are going

and that’s why the moon is so precious to look us

as it unites us all under its sign

its protection, its promise

one day peace and harmony shall be reached again

and all the strife that has been unearthed shall be healed

and then new possibilities will open up

and the field of what is true and real

shall expand and deepen and widen and brighten up

We all are actors of this new world to come

each day that passes

we can bring a little improvement to our lives

a tiny step after another

great mountains will be climbed

and marvellous cities shall spring

It is all up to you now

listen to your inner voice

quiet the other noises that prevent you from hearing

this melody your soul sings to you

and grow into this dance of balance

you are learning to dance day after day

move your entire body, your legs and your arms and your head and your ass

in rhythm with this tune

and feel free to jump and whirl in the wind

for that is your true nature

and not the prostrated state

in which you’ve spent years

no, that was a state of hibernation, of inner death

and freezing cold you were barely surviving with

now the ice has thawed and water is flowing

in rivulets that irrigate the plains of your mind

and you can sow the seeds of your dreams

and watch them grow and ripen

as you give them faith and love

now your fate is between your own hands

and it is your turn to perform every day

this dance your body is itching to dance

dance dance dance in each of your atoms

each of your thoughts, each of your feelings

bring motion everywhere and to everything

for everything in this universe is in motion

and to be in balance with the sun and the stars and the moon

you need to perform your own dance as they perform theirs

let the seasons grow in you

embrace all the colours that appear

and recognize them all as part of the same rainbow

and dance, and dance, and dance

for you are a being of motion

and your power and your balance and your compassion and your happiness

lie within this dance where each time your gestures

flow more gracefully with the music of your soul

and your spoken and written words and your painted images

grow more and more in power

until they too start vibrating and dancing

together with the world

and they take a life of their own

that allows you to step into them

and get blissfully lost within your dream