Closed door

The door of your house is closed

‘t is under renovation

and for a time

nothing shall get out or in

You have closed yourself to love

entrenching yourself behind

thick walls of squared stones

Inside you are deprived

of the sunlight and the sea breeze

and you dwell in the characteristic dampness

of earthen floors and shadowed places

You are too afraid to get out

too scared to open up your heart

and be hurt again as you’ve once been

and so you’ve built up your defences

while trying to find rooms where to stay

that do not remind you too much of the past

It will take some time before

you dare to step there again

and learn to inhabit all parts of your house again

as you used to do in times of yore

It will take some time before

the pain of your wounds fade

and you open your house anew

to the four winds of life

And then, when it happens again

you will be somehow stronger than you were in the past

and the roots of your understanding will reach deeper

and your house will be less easily shaken by turmoil

as your faith in love will be even greater