Stalled boat

A little boat

has been stalled in a rocky field

as the ocean retreated

year after year

the shore grew farther and farther

until the sea became a distant mirage

The little boat is waiting

for a storm to rise anew

and break the dam

that is holding the waters afar

Despite the water’s absence

the little boat is surprised to survive

outside of his natural element

and he watches the vegetation that grows around

and listens to the bird singing

in the high grass and the trees alike

and he smells the scent of the rain on the autumn dried land

The little boat trusts, knows

that one day his lover the sea

shall return to him

and carry him again

over her salty and turbulent bosom

and together they shall compose the most beautiful

ballads of love that have ever been heard

But meanwhile the little boat has understood

he must make the most of his time

spent on this drying land

it is useless to fret and cry and shout

nay, that only brings more despair

And a as time passes

the little boat becomes more and more sensitive

to all the beauty around him

noticing in the sea’s absence

the pebbles and the sea shells and the pearls

she forgot in her retreat

marvelling at all the treasures

he had heard about but never seen

as he sailed on the ocean’s waters