Flowering cracks

In the cracks between stones

the first flowers grow

it still is a shy rebirth of spring

within a rock land

that since long has become

a barren stretch of heart

In times of yore

all your lands used to be

covered with flowers and trees

and so they shall one day be

The difference is that at the beginning

you vaguely knew you existed

and could not appreciate all the beauty around you

you could not walk on the moors

and sit in the grass and dance in the wind

and you could not with your own hands

transform the things around you

for you had no real existence

and were more alike to a cloud of mist

With time and experience

your original mist started to gain some bulk

what used to be flat took in some volume

and slowly you learnt to shape

this new mass of yours

and as you did, you drained the lands of your soul

from all their water and their nutrients

you were like a starving babe

constantly nourished by his mother the earth

Now, finally, you have grown up

and you can start giving back to the land

while remaining in a healthy balance within yourself

You have understood the power of dreams

and how the dance of both your selves

your right and your left sides

your light and your darkness

that embrace themselves

could trigger the spark of renewal and creation

You understood that you did not need

to drain the land to live

and that inside of you all the ingredients existed

to bring back beauty where it had been lost

‘cause to be happy, you and your fields must both flourish

And as you undergo this metamorphosis

your consciousness starts exploring new realms

lying beyond the confines of your knowledge

and your solid body finds more lightness

and novel wings in the process

You’re no longer immaterial as you once were

but these wings give you the same feeling of freedom

that you did not know how to appreciate back then