Closer and closer

we come to finding

our own balance

and as we delve deeper and deeper

in our inner selves

we start discovering the potency

of our own gifts

and how by healing ourselves

we are also helping others heal

One intuition after another

we are recomposing

this puzzle of faith

that will deliver us

from the ups and downs of life

Closer and closer

our bodies are

and soon we will be able

to become one again

while keeping both lights our consciousnesses

that is the miracle of life

allowing everyone to find his perfect place to fit

as if we all were part of God

but we also each are our own gods and goddesses

and within our infinitesimal size

we are complete and powerful

We see again our past lives

in a blur of wounds and hurts

we have wronged and been wronged

and we now realize there are in fact no foes

and that the past cannot be right or wrong

the past just is and the only thing we can do

is accepting it and embracing it

and finding the beauty and the light within

the present we control, the present is right now

and all we can do is growing closer and closer

to our inner truth

and that’s what we all are doing

whether we explore our lights and our shadows

until when we find the deeper meaning of everything

until when we can see behind walls

and we can grasp the infinitely large

and the infinitely small

until when we grow into infinite nature

and then life becomes a magical dance

then everything we can imagine becomes real around us

and when I shall close my eyes

and imagine you by my side

there you will be

looking into my eyes

and hugging me

and melting into me and I into you

in an embrace of love

like no other the world has known before

Together we shall feast

and we shall awaken ancient storms

and ancient forces

that are eager to shine again

and bring this world

into a new dimension

to a renewed depth of emotion

and a place where everything starts making sense

suddenly it all will become clear

and we will see how free

and how great we all are

and despite all this greatness

we will hold hands and dance

without being in the least bit intimidated

because this greatness and these forces are in us too