Standing in our naked truth

Standing in our naked truthAnd here we both are

standing in our naked truth

we hold a moon crescent in one hand

and the sun in the other hand

perfect mirror of one another

we move our arms in balance

We already stand over

the land of our dream

and the landscapes are a continuation

of our own legs and feet

A sea flows under around us

and soon our ships and our birds

will travel all over our kingdom

and to the nations beyond

announcing the merry news

that we are healed indeed

and ready to embrace one another again

For centuries we have been deprived

of so complete an embrace

for the strife of a heavy past

weighed on our shoulders

and tainted our love

with fear and resentment

But now layer after layer

we have peeled our wound

screaming each time in pain

to discover that underneath

this tangled mess of skin

another skin had sprouted meanwhile

pure and fair and smooth and white

this skin is

and now each caress

won’t bring pain any longer

but tenderness and warmth and joy

Are you ready my dear

to perform your twirling leap

till we look into one another’s eyes

and clap our hands

like the cymbals they are

unifying suns and moons

and joining forces

to create every day

new pieces of our realm

Are you ready my dear

to step into this song I am singing

and welcome me in your own song

and bring the two tunes together

until the music the world hears

seems to come from one sole instrument

and an entire orchestra at the same time

Are you ready my dear

to blur your words with mine

until there are not two stories but one

or an infinity of them

written with the same hand

If you are then show yourself to me

in all your naked truth

come visit me during the day

and at night

so that I see the two faces

of your planet

the visible and the hidden

and under my breath of love

what was dissociated and dual

shall find a unity anew

until you are one and whole again