Creating together

Creating together

And now we must free both our hands

to hold the pen in one hand

and place our other hand

on one another’s bosom

In that way we shall instil

a new breath of life

into one another’s hearts

bringing the wind and the warmth

necessary to melt the frosted ice

and let it flow into a running river

of water and words

And then our pens shall work day and night



one another’s verses

until our story finds

a depth and a substance

it never before had

Words and images shall flow

all ‘round our bodies

and the purity of your voice

and the beauty of my melody

shall make us both cry

tears that will add up to the flowing river

This happiness is in store for us my dear

and now all what we need to do

is letting go of all the worries and the fears

we hold in our hands

and then we’ll find a new lightness

and a freedom of motion

we could only dream of before

‘t is our heart that guides us

through this endeavour

all other noises must be hushed

so that this dance we have been dancing all along

becomes so perfect

it lends us new powers

and we start whirling and twirling into the air

with the lightness and the grace

that were once ours and we have since lost