Motion emotion

Motion Emotion

Bring motion to your mind

and to your body

so that you do not remain stuck

in one emotion or another

but let them slide in you

like beautiful mists of colours

you do not try to block nor retain

nor do you drown into

and mistake for the truth

for love is not

the clouds of colours

you see above your head

Love is way deeper

it is way farther and way closer

to what your eyes can see

do not fall into the trap

of mistaking your eyes for a divinity

for what you see

is part of this false reality

And I will tell you a secret

the only way to see truth

is to imagine it

it is to write and paint and sing about it

it is to feel it deep within your heart

and experience it in every atom of your body

Truth is all around you

hugging you in its wings of light

that do not cast any shadow

and are invisible to your eyes

as long as you ignore their presence

Look at the world from a place beyond your senses

the reality around is just a metaphor

of what the deeper reality is

Grip the strings that float around you

and start playing the music of your heart

and notice how the visible reality

changes around you as one note after another

rise into the air

These strings have always been there to be played at

and compose your own melody

and you should just believe into their existence to see them

and act upon that belief to stroke them and domesticate them

You were born to be a musician, an artist

a weaver of world

and ‘t only is your limiting beliefs

that still prevent you from fulfilling your destiny

and rising into the light and the glory that

you dream of and you shall one day deserve