Creating new forms of life

When we start writing our own storyline

we become actor and director

of our own tale

and we bring forth our luminous stone

to the story of the world

There already are many plants and animals

more than we could ever know and memorize

and yet why not to create our own

when the inspiration stem

why to limit ourselves to the forms

that already exist

when an endless ocean of possibilities

lies dormant around us

D’you think everything frozen and unchanging

because that’s how you see the world every day

or has your perspective already shifted

and all the unused potential started singing in your ears

When a new idea arises in your heart

close your eyes and paint it in your mind

tap your ears and sing it

far from the echoes of the world

and when you feel this idea has wings

let it come out from you

will it fly toward the sky

or fall and dissolve to dust

‘t will take some time

to learn harvesting all your potential

and at first your efforts will seem vain

as your ideas dissolve in puffs of smoke

That will mean you must try harder

and understand better the thing you wish to create

the secret lies in giving it its true name

Aecruryë you say out loud

and you sing a song of how this new plant is to be

the song must be inspiring enough

for the aecruryë to come alive

and it should also give the aecruryë some room

to give shape to its own existence

The more you understand yourself

the more natural creation will become to you

for now the aecruryë still sounds as a scientific experiment

but soon forests and mountains and towns

will take a shape of their own

as their beauty and their names you sing

and you will learn to bring these visions of yours

in the world for everyone to witness and see

but that is another story

that shall be told another time