Ychrentiyë rises again

Thousands of years afterwards I am pardoning you at last

you have caused the fall of a nation and the world as we knew it

and I had taken away my life to end your existence too

But now I understand all what had happened back then

was fruit of fate

You had indeed lived a wicked life

but all your acts had been motivated by this pain you felt inside your chest

and the fearful haze it drowned you in

Your acts were unforgivable everyone said me included

you had committed the worst sins that could exist

and yet I now see that even what you did back then as the lady of Ychrentiyë

brought its valuable lessons to the world

and if the world changed and the old wisdom was lost

it was not the consequence of your acts as everybody had thought

but of the world’s workings and the desire of all souls of women and men

including ours, indeed souls needed to experience a world

where labour would be heavier and the mist thick

so that one day by the sole force of their growing understanding

and the brightening light of their hearts

they find again their way to the realm of truth and love that has been lost

I pardon you lady of Ychrentiyë

I pardon you my beloved to have pushed me away over and over

trampling my love that had been pure and deep

but not pure and deep enough I now realize from my standpoint

The lesson I needed to learn back then

and that took me centuries to understand

is that I need to love myself as much as I love you

and instead of looking for love in you

I should look for the love within myself

Then, only then, might we meet again

and unite our hands as all issues of the past are settled and forgiven

Our understanding has reached a new depth where

our eyes can see the light within every shadow

the beauty within everything around

and that is how I see you now

blazing with the purity and the love

I once dreamt you would find

And my desire has been fulfilled indeed

and I too have found this wisdom

that had lacked me back then

and now we are ready my dear

to bring back the world to where it once was

we are ready to share our blazing light

with everyone else around

and to find the hidden gates in doorless walls

we can see what is invisible to others

and hear the whispering sighs and the melodies

of the other worlds around

And now our mission is

to discover more and more the realm of our dreams

and bridge it with the world around us

until our dreams become true

and the reality around becomes past

We shall paint the forests of our imagination

dancing trees in purple and yellow and red

that think and speak as we do

and we shall bring those paintings into the world

until the dull forests take a life of their own

and we shall burn away the mist

until every man and woman

can express their gifts too

and bring more and more magic into the world

as it once used to be

The difference now is that we won’t be rulers and tyrants

and the changes we will bring to the world will be

through songs and stories, poetry and paintings

instead of being through the use of force

and many around us are already dancing on the tune of their souls

getting ready to share their own lights with the world too

and among us all will exist no rivalry and competition

only love and compassion and mutual appreciation

I pardon you from the bottom of my heart, oh beloved

and confide with you you had been right all along

into the shadows and into the light you’ve led the way

and I follow you now and you follow me

as we find our perfect dance

into the forest of our dreams

come closer to kiss me

and I will kiss you

an embrace of the bodies

that leads to an embrace of two spirits into the same soul

bringing two worlds together that are in fact one

Tonight Ychrentiyë shall rise again

the island has long ago disappeared

but its memory is renewed

and reborn under a new light

Our dream will start unravel

as we rebuild Ychrentiyë

even more beautiful and true as it once had

I’m laying its first stone into this song

and now it is your turn to

bring forth the second stone

and lead the next dance