Together through art

Together through art

Together we stand

carrying the realm of our memories

on our shoulders

We cannot speak

nor look at one another

because of this great weight

But the fire of our soul

lights us from within

with the exact same blaze

Even if we are far away

my heart and yours

beat at the same pace

and even if our skins do not touch

our bodies belong to one another

And when they seek completeness

it always is their counterpart

they silently call

And when warmth invades my limbs

it flows in fact

from your heart to mine

Even if my words do not reach your ears

and your pictures are still hidden to my gaze

we paint and write the same world

and we speak the tongue

the book of our soul is written in

We are in fact mirrors of one another

and when we shall meet again

we will discover that

each stone we have laid, every story and every canvas

is part of the same building

And as we have learnt to listen

better and better to the music of our soul

in the absence of other sounds

our bodies shall dance

with a grace and a harmony

they could only dream of before