Pardoning your foes

How can you pardon your mortal enemies

how can you pardon those who have harmed you deeply and condemned you to die

how can you not despise the men and the women

who acted out of fear and not out of love

when you most needed their support

This resentment, this anger, is very deeply rooted within you

and only your betrothed can help you find the love that lies

even deeper than the wound you hold

By standing with your mortal enemies your betrothed shows you

no act is irreparable or unpardonable

for a moment the anger will be so strong

you’re going to hate her too, you’re going to shout and cry

that she has betrayed you

you’re going to want to beat or kill someone so deep is the rage that awakened in you

you’re going to wish you could drown into your own pain

so that your days would come to an end and at least you’d have taken some revenge over her

but all this anger cannot blind you to the love you still feel for your betrothed

this love is so deep and so pure and so powerful and so bright it will light your heart

in a way it had never been lit and you will understand with all your body and your mind and your heart

that to embrace her again, you must also embrace your foes and your mortal enemies

you must pardon them to pardon her

and that is how the wisewoman she is is bringing you to healing your wound

by siding with your enemies, she shows to you that everything which happens in life

occurs for a reason, brings you an invaluable lesson

helps you deepen the understanding you have of yourself

and even if that action brings pain, one day your heart will grow light again

lighter than it had ever been for you’ll have no longer foes and enemies and fears

but only friends all around the world and love to give to all