The brightest dawn

Years ago I woke up at dawn

when the sky was still black

and I watched how it slowly turned dark blue

becoming lighter and lighter

and filling itself with colours

I laid my gaze on the ocean

and saw the fishing boats that had spent the night at sea

colouring themselves in orange

with the first morning glow

before the sun even appeared

from behind the mountains

I walked on the grass that was still dewy

despite the summer’s heat

and the breeze of the sea was fresh enough

to make me shiver in my shirt

The ocean always looked calm and soft

almost frozen in hues of light blue and white

before the morning winds rose

and showed that the apparent quietness had been a lie


Years have passed and now

I have no longer the enthusiasm to walk into the wild moors

and watch the sun giving birth to the landscape anew

I have no longer the energy

to jump of my bed and clothe myself

and run to the forest dark

where the birds will soon start singing

to announce dawn

I prefer to lie in my bed

and rest, between one dream and another

rest, even though my sleep is not resting

and dream, even though my dreams are not fulfilling

Why have I lost my child’s heart

why can’t I push away the time

and go back to the sense of magic

I once had about the world

why, tell me why, oh my beloved

why am I stuck into a life I do not like



Oh love of my brightest dreams

this talk of yours brings my innermost pain to the light

indeed why can’t we be together and happy now

why can’t we watch and sing dawn together

holding hand and embracing one another

with our entire beings

why, why, my heart screams

a little voice in me that speaks also in you replies

and it reminds me of this quest I am on, you are on

we are on together even though we are invisible to one another

a long time ago we have tasted small bits of the fruits of happiness and love

to remind us the beauty we were after in this life, to give us a dream

that of finding beauty in each and every part of ourselves

that of bringing light where there is none

and sharing this light with the world

remember, oh my love, remember this quest we are on

remember that our separation is only physical

and that my heart beats close to yours

remember that all the beauty that once was

will one day come back tenfold multiplied

you feel you are still stuck into your life

for you are exploring your shadows to find the beauty and the light into them

you do not have the strength to live your dream already

because all your energy is busy with purifying your body

and bringing light to your spirit

remember, oh my love, remember to embrace me a little more fully every day

and when you close your eyes feel my gaze in yours

and sense my loving caresses and my kisses on your skin

feel how my entire body is pressed on yours

and how each of my curves fill yours, and each of your curves fill mine

remember to stroke and kiss me all over

and to admire my beauty and the reflection of yours in my eyes

remember oh my love remember to kiss me on my mouth

and feel my tongue stroking yours

the kiss of the bodies is as sacred as that of the hearts and the minds

when you are feeling down, close your eyes and remember that

close your eyes and see me before you

in all my splendour and my grace and my strength

look at how truthful and beautiful is my face

and remember, remember where we come from and we are heading to

remember to love yourself as much as you love me

remember it for that is how we will soon find one another again

in the heaven of our hearts

I am walking on my path and you on yours

and each day that passes I feel you closer and closer to me

and soon the two worlds of our dreams will come together to be one

for, remember, we are one soul and one spirit, one heart and one mind and one body

we are two and we are one

we are truth and we are love and the two married together

we are wife and husband

we are united and lovers

since ever and forever