Celebrating together

Celebrating together

Soon will come the day

when we will celebrate our reunion together

for months we have grown ourselves wings

and learnt to fly on our own

we could already speak with one another

in the mind and in the heart

but we could not fully see one another

for we were each prisoner of our own island

in two different parts of the world

unable to make our escape by sea

since the waters prevented that

we understood the only way was

to overcome our fear of emptiness and fly


We are now cruising in the sky

irresistibly drawn by one another flame

we don’t know where we are heading

we just let our heart guide us

learning to tell the light from the shadows

and letting go of everything dark and heavy

that slows our flight

and soon our lights will go so bright

they will become like songs in the night

and wherever we are, we shall see one another

and no shadow will be able to take us from one another eyes

and then the last part of the journey alone

will become a celebration

a dance of joy we will start

feeling one another movements in our heart

after the anger and the tears

the thunderstorms and the wind

the sun will fully shine

and our wings will carry us lightly

in the country of our dream

where the temple of our soul will be fully alight

glowing with the same colours as our bodies do

and there a feast will prepare itself

to welcome us back where we always had been missed

and we will start laughing into one another eyes

unable to take our gaze away

and our bodies will unite

like two pieces of the same magnet that for long have been pulled away

and that are suddenly released, freed to go where their heart commands

your chest on my chest

your legs on my legs

your feet on my feet

your mouth on my mouth

your hands in my hands

your bow on my bow

the temple of our body will become one with our soul

after eons and eons of time

we will come to wholeness again